*Linde Gadellaa
*Curriculum Vitae

Food projects:
*Snow whites' apples
*Snow whites' elixir
*Entrance porch
*The cantus
*Modern knights
*King and farmer
*200 Keys in cookies
*Conceptual catering

*Non food projects:
*Art park Lelystad
*City of books
*Waiting lanterns
*Handbook to the sea
*Sirens song
*Seaside serenade
*La Mer
*The wind orchestra
*Escaping paradise
*The tower
*The giant of soil..
*Conceptual portraits

*Pagina in Nederlands



© Linde Gadellaa

Yet standing next to the immense sea makes one feel small. Boats as high as towers are no more than dots on the horizon. Yet in its vastness the sea holds a promise of freedom, the call of faraway lands and adventures which our ancestors once heeded. For centuries, songs have been sung and played in honour of the sea, of the bold adventurers who dared defy her and the loved ones they left behind.

Sirens song
A video like a moving painting about the enchantment between the sea and the accordion, an instrument often used to serenade the sea. They are alike. -Picture-
-Video fragment- 6"37

Last ode to the sea

-Photo etch-