Exhibitions and commisions (a selection)
2023 Upcoming Group show "Op 't Randje" (on the edge) assignment by Flevolandschap           Natuurpark Flevoland      Lelystad
2023 Upcoming Edible art/performance at "Kunst van hier tot ginder" assignment by Kunstenlab Fietsroute Okkebroek      Lettele
2022       Group Show “Klimaatexpo” (Climate expo) Museum de Fundatie curator: Artworlds     Sculpturegarden Nijenhuis Heino/Wijhe
2022       Group Show “Najaarssalon” (Autumn salon) Kunstenaars Flevoland                    Museum Nagele             Nagele
2021       Edible art/performance at Entreepoort for Kunstambassadors: Nachtvisie            Beatrixpark               Almere      
2020       Solo "If the fire comes" (than the rising sea may be our salvation)               De Nieuwe Bibliotheek     Almere Haven
2020       Group Show “Overbruggen” assignment by Flevolandschap                             Natuurpark Flevoland      Lelystad
2019       Group Show  “Luce” assignment KVF wintertentoonstelling museum Schokland          Museum Schokland          Schokland
2019,2021,2022 Edible art installation "De smaak van schoonheid" commissioned by City Senses Labyrinth of the Senses   
                                                                                             oa. te Almere/ Amersfoort/ The Hague     
2019       Group Show “Landmark” assignment KVF for 30 years KVF(art society Flevoland)      Expo Kunstlinie (KAF)     Almere-Stad
2019       Group Show “Boomsierraad” assignment Flevolandschap                               Natuurpark Flevoland      Lelystad
2019       Group project “Sier Art” wearable artworks for Almeerders                         The Archipel              Almere-Stad
2019       Group Show “Timeline 2” for 30 years KVF (art society Flevoland)                  Provinciehuis             Lelystad
2019       Group Show “Energie Synergie” curator: Rob van den Broek                          De Verbeelding            Zeewolde
2019       “Daar waar de echo weerkaatst”  Bookpresentation & Expo icw Marleen Kappe         De Nieuwe bibliotheek     Almere-Stad
2018       Group Show “Pasvorm” assignment Flevolandschap                                    Natuurpark Flevoland      Lelystad
2018,2019,2022 Edible art performance “Appels voor Sneeuwwitjes” commissioned by City Senses Citycentre, Stad en Natuur Almere    
2018       Group Show “Verhalen van stof” Curator: Justine le Clercq                         Pulchri Studio            The Hague
2017       Group Show “Henkies kunstroute” for Young Artlab. Curator: Barbara Schilling      BG Kunst                  Almere Haven
2017       Edible art performance for Group Show “Natuurkunstpark Flevoland” theme “IN”      Natuurpark Flevoland      Lelystad
2017       Performance festival “The poetic in Performance art” Performance Site The Hague   Quartair                  The Hague
2017       Group Show “Ik ben een wereldburger” curator: Rob van den Broek                   Paviljoen de Verbeelding  Zeewolde
2015-2016  Group Show “Dis” (work icw Arno Kramer) Curator: Justine le Clercq            oa. te Atrium:The Hague/ Provinciehuis:                                                                                                   Haarlem / Roermond: ECI cultuurfabriek
                                                                                             en zorgcentra te Eindhoven en Drachten
2015       Group Show “Strandgasten en Zeebonken”                                            De Mesdag collectie       The Hague
2015       Group Show “Veldwerk” All works are publicated in the book “Veldwerk”             Drawingcenter             Diepenheim
2015       Group Show “Waar de hand zingt” Curator: Arno Kramer                              Kunstvereniging           Diepenheim
2014-2015  Commission “Stad van Boeken” icw. Winnie Plas                                     De Nieuwe bibliotheek     Almere-Stad
2014       Solo “Escaping from/to paradise en een Ode aan de Zee”                            De Nieuwe bibliotheek     Almere-Stad
2013       Group Show “Blood, sweat and tears.” Graduation exhibition                        KABK                      The Hague
2012       Group Show “Een poging tot nieuwe vriendelijkheid” Curator: Ad de Jong            ‘t Gemak                  The Hague
2012       Group Show “Nevelstaren” initiative, organisation and participation               Kunstlinie                Almere-Stad
2011       Group Show “Utopia” initiative, organisation and participation                    Kunstlinie                Almere-Stad
2011       Group Show One-NEST-stand “Epigonism rules”                                       NEST                      The Hague
2016-2020  Assistent of Monika Auch                                                          Weeflab                   Amsterdam 


2019-2020  Food and Design Dive – by Marije Vogelzang                                                                  Online
2017       Edcuation to become a vegetarian chef – by Femke van de Heuvel                    VIP Health and nutrition  Haarlem
2009-2013  HBO Bachelor Fine Arts – Interdiciplinairy attitudes                              KABK                      The Hague
2009-2013  Organisation and initiation of various group shows                                Kunstlinie: Almere/ t' Gemak: The Hague
2007-2009  Preparation course and Basic year                                                 Gerrit Rietveld Academie  Amsterdam      

Related work

2019-now   Vegetarian chef at Childrens day care                                            De lentemorgen              Almere-Stad
2017-2021  Art education, general day manager and exhibition tour guide                     Cultureel centrum Corrosia  Almere-Haven
2018-2020  Freelance tour guide & workshops for KAF expo OVERDAAD&Hoogtij(d)& Why the ...   Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland Almere-Stad
2018-2019  Freelance vegetarian crew chef at theatre compagny                               Vis-à-vis                   Almere-Poort
2019-2020  KIDD, artist in the classroom, art classes for Corrosia/KAF at primary schools   Theatre compagny Bonte Hond Almere

*Linde Gadellaa
*Curriculum Vitae

Food projects:
*Snow whites' apples
*Snow whites' elixir
*Entrance porch
*The cantus
*Modern knights
*King and farmer
*200 Keys in cookies
*Conceptual catering

*Non food projects:
*Art park Lelystad
*City of books
*Waiting lanterns
*Handbook to the sea
*Sirens song
*Seaside serenade
*La Mer
*The wind orchestra
*Escaping paradise
*The tower
*The giant of soil..
*Conceptual portraits

*Pagina in Nederlands



© Linde Gadellaa

About my works
in KM magazine by Monika Auch

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I like to work on commissions.

I search for a moment in which reality merges with imagination. Therefore I work on projects in which I need the help of others to fulfill them.
I prepare, compose, and direct the moment in the finest detail, than, with me on the sideline, the work grows, with the people participating, the time passing or even the tide rising. The work goes on beyond me, it becomes reality. Often my works become a social space of encounter.

In the modester seasons I make photograms in my darkroom with hand-formed figures, seaweed and transparents.