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Food projects:
*Snow whites' apples
*Snow whites' elixir
*Entrance porch
*The cantus
*Modern knights
*King and farmer
*200 Keys in cookies
*Conceptual catering

*Non food projects:
*Art park Lelystad
*City of books
*Waiting lanterns
*Handbook to the sea
*Sirens song
*Seaside serenade
*La Mer
*The wind orchestra
*Escaping paradise
*The tower
*The giant of soil..
*Conceptual portraits

*Pagina in Nederlands



© Linde Gadellaa

Stad van boeken
(City of books)
Winnie Plas and I have been collecting 14.000 old books together with the library and all the inhabitants of Almere to give them a new life.

In this big project we worked together with volunteers from Almere to build our city of books in the entry of libraby.

During the building there have been lively discussions with visitors about the work.
city by nightfall
-Pictures- building left side
-Pictures- building rightside
-Timelapse- 0"46
by the Clipjesfabriek