Natuur/park (Nature/park)
"Wie is hier nou eigenlijk de baas?"
"Who is the boss?"
Quoting a lady on the train about a swan on the rails.

Proces -Pictures-
Omroep Flevoland
-Poem- by Hein Walter
8th of July - 29th of October
Natuurpark Flevoland

I poured three plaster molds around the trees to shape them according my will. The tree won after two months, the mold broke.

Rows of threes are waiting.. for the music to start so they can  begin to dance.
Stripping the willow-Pictures-
Maria Machelina de Rooij
June-October 2020
Natuurpark Flevoland

Named after a Scottish dance in which pairs line up in long rows, just like the trees along this lane. As soon as the music starts, the pairs spin alternately. Dancing can build many bridges: your normal group of friends, gender, other interests, social status or religion. If you can dance together, these elements are not important in the contact you make. So when we are not looking, they can dance under the stars.

Escaping from/to paradise
April 2012

A secret garden does not exist without its walls. I made this photo series about longing. Inspired by the time I spent working in an orphanage in a jungle town in Peru. Although I thought this was like paradise, children escaped over the walls every month. Girls and boys looking for the world they heard about from friends in school. No rules, dancing until you drop, adventure, excitement, but it meant danger as well, insecurity and fighting for yourself. They left a world full of delicious food, warmth and security in search of freedom.

The pictures (63 to 43 cm) are printed on Pet-g.


Urban wilderness:
Metropolis in bloom.

July 2011

Unchecked growth of the city


The tower
February 2012
Part of the poem VII by Alberto Caeiro (Fernando Pessoa):

Hide the horizon, push your eyes far away from all the sky,
Make us smaller because they take away what our eyes can give us,

And make us poor because our only wealth is seeing.

I long to rise above the buildings towards the horizon.

In een patio van de kunstlinie bouwde ik een toren naar de vrijheid.
Exhibition Nevelstaren
Kunstlinie Almere

Wild vine, killing machine
June 2019

Consisting of 400 plastic waste ivy leaves cut for a suffocating tree ornament. I can hardly breathe, because of the plastic everywhere, in the sea, in the waves and when I swim all those little pieces in get stuck in my hair, stick to my skin. When I shop I cannot get around plastic.

Stad van boeken
City of books

-Pictures- City by nightfall
-Pictures- building left side
-Pictures- building right side
-Timelapse- by the Clipjesfabriek
0"46 min
June - January 2014/2015

Winnie Plas and I have been collecting 14.000 old books together with the library: De nieuwe bibliotheek and all the inhabitants of Almere to give them a new life.

In this big project we worked together with enthusiastic volunteers from Almere to build our city of books in the entry of the Nieuwe bibliotheek.

During the building there have been lively discussions with visitors about the work.
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