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*Snow whites' apples
*Snow whites' elixir
*Entrance porch
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*Art park Lelystad
*City of books
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*Handbook to the sea
*Sirens song
*Seaside serenade
*La Mer
*The wind orchestra
*Escaping paradise
*The tower
*The giant of soil..
*Conceptual portraits

*Pagina in Nederlands



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Het vaderschild
(The paternal shield)
A video projection of Sami, son of Mostafa Hilali, as a portrait of Mostafa Hilali by using his army jacket. The show was organised by Justine le Clercq at Pulchri studio.
-Teaser-/-Article- by Den Haag FM
-Article- in Den Haag Centraal
-Pictures- last by Harm Jan Bakhuis 2018

A portrait of Mostapha El Madkouri
A weaved adornment for Mostapha, as a hood of the traditional Berber robe embedded with texts from the fairy tale Cinderella from the Reef. When the hood is down it shows the Berber symbol for woman.
Mostapha is talkative man dressed in jeans, but shows little of his hart until he mentions strong women, the women who raised him in the Reef mountains, Cinderella a Berbers' tale,
Kahina the Berber freedom fighter and and his daughter.