Tales about knigths
-Pictures- -Print of the table-
185 to 85 cm on rice paper
February 2013
A reconsideration of the remains of the performance.

The feast of modern knigths
-Pictures- -Video-
1"16 min
Pictures by Reinier Gadellaa
Last picture by T. Aangeenbrug
Film by Iris Gadellaa

A gathering of modern knights, motor club members at a medieval feast. In the Middle Ages they cooked to impress at the courts. I used this to tell
my tales about knights. Knights, whom I read about as a young girl: tough men, endlessly loyal towards each other, fighting in seach of honor, on the edges of good and evil and about their tales of dragons, poisoned apples and lots of beer. ‪
And the common man who will tell their tales, looking up to them.

At the exhibition: Een poging tot nieuwe vriendelijkheid (An attempt to new kindness) at the vrije academie 't Gemak
December 2012.

Flowerpiece designed and manufactured by Dennis Lanzaat. www.mooianders.info

Victory Boogie Woogie
-Pictures- -Video-
7"14 min
Oktober 2010

I experimented with rhythm in table settings and the aesthetics in inedibility. An encounter of the key performers stuck in the role they play at home. 


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