Hoe smaakt schoonheid?
(What does beauty taste like?)
September 2019

Tap your daily dose of 20 ml of my elixir in my pharmacy cupboard installation. I brew this as a modern witch in search of beauty, like that of Snow white.

The elixir for beauty is based on several myths, facts and fables advised by foodies and beauty bloggers for a healthy and youghtful appearance.

Taste and enjoy a short illusion of perfection and purity, and get closer to Snow white.

27th, 28th and 29th of September on show at Labrinth of the Senses at Forum Almere-Stad. As well as the 28th of October at 'de dag van de Stad' The Hague


As modern witch I seduced Snow whites with my promise of beauty and health.

Will contemporary pesticide sprayed apples continue to keep the doctor away? Younger and youngher Snow whites and step mothers want to become the prettiest. But do the young ones find their way to fruit anyway at all?

In my protective clothing advised by the food and drug administration, I inject my secret elixirs in the apple.

Princes or frogs can not be guaranteed.

This foodart project was developed for the City Senses trust.

Apples for
snow whites
-Pictures- by Erwin Budding

Young fair snow white,
take the apple, pick and taste
let the witch seduce you.

Modern Snow white,
why do you eat the apple?
Because of its shine and shape?
Is the apple always healthy?
Will it make you beautiful?

Smart Snow white
Do you know?
Who gave the apple
its fine taste?

Modern wizards,
artists, scientists.

Do you dare?


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© Linde Gadellaa